What Shoes To Wear With Mom Jeans This Fall

Today’s topic is dedicated to my favorite shoes that can be styled with mom jeans this fall. Like the ancient wisdom says: everything new is well-forgotten old. It’s true when we see cycling fashion all around us. Mom jeans are back in fashion and you should definitely give this denim a try.

We see loafer slides in cream-grey worn with ripped jeans and a slouchy sweater in cream-beige color.

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What To Wear With Black Sneakers

If you are into black sneakers but don’t know how to wear them, then I am here to show you the best ideas on how to wear black kicks and look stylish. One thing you should learn by heart is: “sneakers go with absolutely everything”. That’s why you should simply find a perfect combination that can simply keep a balanced silhouette. If you are tired of wearing high-heels, then you definitely should try on black kicks.

black sneakers and black blazer

A pair of black sneakers with white soles are worn with black coated skinny leggings, white blouse, and a black blazer.

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