Best Outfits To Wear Sneakers With

Hello, my dear fashion ladies. This is my first blog post on outfit ideas you can create with sneakers. Yes, I decided to create a kind of intro article where are gathered basic looks completed with sneakers. In other words saying, this is a starting point in our sneaker’s fashion world adventure. I mean, you will see inspiring ideas that are easy to create and wear in real life.

denim dress and white sneakers

We see a fabulous street style idea that features a denim dress and white sneakers with socks. A perfect look for casual weekends.

For me, sneakers are essential footwear that can be matched with absolutely any look, no matter if it’s a casual/ grunge/hipster or smart/professional outfit. So, let’s get down to the business and see what’s trending in the sneakers world.

There are tons and more ideas and options on ways how to wear sneakers and every day we see new ideas. Everything starts from sneakers, their style, size, height, color, print, etc. then comes the styling. In today’s article, I will show you some basic looks and combos you are free to create with kicks. No, I am not going to show you a complete guide, covering all sneakers styles, colors and outfit ideas you can create with these shoes, but I will try my best to cover all essential looks you might be interested in. Do I have your attention? If yes, then let’s continue.

Go denim! We see a blue denim jacket styled with a black top, black skinny jeansĀ  and light grey sneakers:

blue denim jacket with black jeans and sneakers

The first question arises: what bottoms can you wear with sneakers, keep it short: jeans, pants, skirts, leggings, joggers, and dresses with sneakers, in other words, you are free to experiment with any bottoms you like. It all depends on the style you wish to create, either it is sporty or smart.

Another gorgeous style for young ladies. We see a baseball cap in dark blue, long grey scarf, camel coat, black leggings, and blush sneakers:

camel coat and black skinnies with sneakers

I am a big fan of wearing sneakers with dresses. This is my absolute win-win look! This trend has been around for a couple of decades and comes back next year. No matter what is the length of your dress, it can be a sassy-hot mini frock or a midi, maxi dress. Just make sure to pair it with some cute kicks.

Sneakers and Joggers

If you are into relaxed and casual style, then go for this plaid oversized blazer and team it with a grey crop top, loose-fit grey joggers and cream white chunky sneakers, complete it with Wayfarer sunglasses:

oversized blazer with joggers and sneakers

Sneakers and a leather jacket

Sneakers do look great with leather. Here we see a black leather jacket worn with a black top, frayed light blue slim jeans and white kicks, complete this combo with gold chain layered necklaces:

black leather jacket with jeans and sneakers

Sneakers and leather skirt

As I’ve already mentioned, kicks look cool with leather, that’s why I recommend trying a grey colored version with a black leather midi skirt, grey sweater and long wool coat in grey mohair:

grey coat with pullover and black leather skirt with sneakers

Can you wear sneakers with jeans? Yes, yes, yes, there are lots of ways how to make kicks look cool with denim. It can be skinny jeans, ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, bootcut, flared or wide-leg denim pants teamed with classy sneakers.

Sneakers and Blazer

A white blazer looks pretty chic with black cycling shorts and ugly sneakers:

white blazer with black cycle shorts and sneakers

Sneakers and black tights

Make a move! Go for a black long jacket with black leather sleeves and style it with a black slip dress, black tights, and grey sneakers:

Black coat with leather sleeves, tights and sneakers

Sneakers And Leggings

Another sporty look you can go for your weekends is a grey hoodie teamed with black leggings and black sneakers, update this style by adding aviator sunglasses:

grey sweater with black leggings and sneakers

Sneakers look great with socks. Go for socks and sneakers combo, it will make you stand out from the crowd. I love to see Instagram models showing off their high socks with kicks. Of course, some bloggers say that wearing socks and sneakers is a no-no! They say it’s okay to wear some low-rider socks that don’t show off, but for me, it’s a no problem to let people see my beautiful socks.

Sneakers and Leg Warmers

Another cool combo for fall. We see a sporty style that features a black hooded jacket, hoodie, leather leggings and grey leg warmers completed with white sneakers:

white sneakers with leg warmers and leather pants

Sneakers and Long Dress

A red long shirtdress looks fresh and sweet completed with chunky white sneakers:

long red dress and white sneakers

Sneakers and Long Socks

A red-blue-white T-shirt is tucked in denim blue shorts completed with red socks and white sneakers:

high socks with sneakers and denim shorts

Sneakers with skirts are another trendy topic. Love to see ladies who pair pleated skirts with high top sneakers. But you can go for a pencil skirt and style it with classic sneakers. It’s a very personal thing, so you should find your favorite combo that can easily express your personality and style. I also like to see women wearing long and flowy skirts with cool chunky kicks.

Sneakers and Matching Purse

Looking for a way to create a matchy look? Go for a blush two-piece dress, bright pink leather handbag and multicolored sneakers with pink shade:

pink sneakers with blush dress

Sneakers and Maxi Dress

A long black blazer ideally suits that leopard maxi dress and high-top black trainers:

maxi dress with blazer and sneakers

Sneakers And Palazzo Pants

Green colored style. Go for a cream-white fedora hat, green sweater, matching color palazzo pants and white sneakers:

green palazzo pants and sneakers

If you are more into a sporty look, then you might like to try joggers or leggings teamed with sneakers. A pair of comfortable pants can easily make you look fresh, unique and sporty. I do love to see ladies who complete such combos with leather jackets and stylish sunglasses.

Sneakers And Pants Outfit

A brown teddy bear jacket ideally suits that white tee tucked in brown velour pants completed with white kicks, update this combo with a ribbed knit beanie in cream white, cool shades and shoulder black leather bag:

teddy bear jacket with velour brown pants and sneakers

Sneakers And Pencil Skirt

A grey colored crop sweatshirt is worn with a high-waisted white pencil skirt and matching white sneakers, love these mirrored sunglasses:

crop grey sweater with white skirt and sneakers

Sneakers And Wide Leg Pants

Another amazing style for those who love one-color looks. We see a dark blue top and matching color wide-leg pants completed with chunky sneakers:

wide leg pants in navy and sneakers

Lots of women prefer to wear sneakers, as they are comfortable and can be styled with lots of clothing staples. Yes, these shoes were invented to wear sporty clothes, but rules are made to be broken, right? I hope I have proven to you that you are free to wear sneakers with absolutely anything.

Sneakers With A Dress

Great for young ladies who want to be free-spirited. We see a white peasant dress completed with white runners:

white dress and sneakers

Sneakers And Jumpsuit

A knitted dark green sleeveless jumpsuit is styled with a black leather jacket and white kicks:

jumpsuit and sneakers

Sneakers With A Knife Pleated Skirt

An ideal way to modernize your look! Go for a slouchy cream turtleneck sweater and team it with a metallic bronze knife-pleated midi skirt, update this style by adding a pair of rounded sunglasses, suede shoulder bag, and bronze metallic sneakers:

knife pleated skirt and sneakers

Sneakers With A Suit

Yes, sneakers are your best friends if you are about to wear them with a suit. Go for this dark blue pantsuit and style it with a light brown sweater and white kicks:

navy suit and sneakers

Sneakers With Dress Pants

A beautiful pair of micro-plaid slim dress pants in black-white are worn with white chunky sneakers, white crop top and a crop denim jacket in black color:

plaid tailored pants and white sneakers

Sneakers With Jeans

A pair of white sneakers look pretty chic with knee-ripped light wash jeans in a slim fit completed with a white tee and cream-grey trench coat:

beige trench coat with jeans and white sneakers

Sneakers With Shirt

A relaxed fit chambray shirt is worn with knee-ripped black jeans and white sneakers:

blue shirt wih black jeans and white sneakers

Sneakers With Skinny Jeans

Another casual style idea. We see a slouchy black sweater teamed with white skinny jeans and classic black trainers:

black top with white skinny jeans and sneakers

Sneakers With Fun Tights

Make a real statement with platform boot-sneakers in white by wearing them with fun circle printed tights and brocade print skirt suit, a kind of 1990 style look:

fancy suit with tights and sneakers

Can I Wear Sneakers With Pink Pants

How about wearing a pink pantsuit with a white tee and cool white sneakers, a perfect combo for Fall season months:

pink suit and sneakers

Mini Skirt And Sneakers

A sexy, yet street glamour look. We see a relaxed cream-grey sweater tucked in high-waisted pleated mini skirt completed with chunky white sneakers:

grey sweater white pleated mini skirt and chunky sneakers in white