What Shoes Can I Wear To A Funeral My Favorite 26 Looks

Today’s topic is dedicated to footwear choice for the funeral. Before you throw tomatoes at me, I want to say a couple of things in my defense. First of all, everything is individual, we all are different and cultures are various and secondly, all depends on where did he or she worked, and what were his or her style preferences. I hope this will clear things up after you see all the possible ideas on what shoes you can wear to a funeral.

black coat camel turtleneck black pants and boots for funeral

We see a bulky black coat styled with a turtleneck sweater in camel paired with black slim jeans and lace-up black combat boots. Complete this style by adding Wayfarer sunglasses and brown leather bag.

There are lots of talks going on regarding funeral dress code. I think everything depends on the person’s lifestyle, if the ceremony is dedicated to a rock star, then it’s acceptable to wear some rock music attributes. You get the idea, what I am trying to say?

black leather jacket black dress and sneakers

We see a nice all in black outfit idea. A black leather jacket, a knitted midi dress in black completed with black sneakers.

That’s why dress shoes, loafers, or dark sneakers should be acceptable, you can match them with shorts, skirts, jumpsuits and whatever you like. You definitely need the shoes that are comfortable, and it’s an important thing, as many ceremonies include walking, sitting, standing, so you better go for the footwear that you can wear for a long time during the day.

If you want to wear sneakers or slip-on shoes, then make sure, they are dark-colored. There can be a relaxed funeral that is not super formal, that’s why for some reason it’s okay to wear dark tennis shoes or Converse kicks. If it’s a more formal funeral, a so-called traditional one, then you better go for a black dress and black shoes.

What you definitely should avoid is anything too glittering, sequins, metallic fabrics, fun prints, and other distracting or flashy pieces. Plus, avoid by any circumstances shoes like flip-flops. Sure, the best way is to go for a conservative option, so you are saving time and effort. Don’t show too much flesh, like mini skirts, low cut blouses, crop tops, bodycon, sheer shirts, mini dresses. In other words, follow the dress code for the church.

Speaking of footwear toes, then most would say that peep-toes are inappropriate, but I think all depends on the overall outfit. You can go for open-toe shoes, just make sure everything is balanced.

Speaking of colors, then black, dark grey, deep blue, brown, light grey, are acceptable for funerals. Bright pink, fresh yellow, neon, and other bright colors are not acceptable, but it depends on many other circumstances. I don’t think colored shoes with a black dress are inappropriate. People should hardly be focussing on your shoes on such an occasion. Personally, I think you could wear colored shoes.

Can I Wear Ankle Boots For Funeral

Another all in black look for funerals. We see a black leather biker jacket paired with a black cami dress made of silk completed black ankle boots and black socks. Love the rounded sunglasses:

black midi slipdress with biker jacket and ankle boots for funeral

Can I Wear Boots To A Funeral

We see a dark green coat styled with a black scarf, black skinny jeans, and lace-up black boots. Complete it with rounded sunglasses:

dark green coat black top black slim jeans and boots for funeral

Can I Wear Brown Shoes To A Funeral

Yes, brown color footwear is appropriate to wear at the funerals. Go for brown suede ankle-boots and style them with knee-ripped black skinny jeans, black tee, and a black long blazer. Update it with oversized cat-eye sunglasses and black leather handbag:

black blazer ripped jeans and brown shoes to funeral

Can I Wear Chunky Combat Boots To A Funeral

We see chunky black leather combat boots styled with opaque tights and black blazer dress completed with a black leather belt:

black blazer black tights and combat boots to funeral

Can I Wear Flat Boots To A Funeral

We see patent black leather flat boots worn with wide ankle pants, black tee and a black leather biker jacket completed with a fedora hat:

black leather jacket black top black wide pants and flat boots

Can I Wear Flat Pumps To A Funeral

A two-piece black dress looks amazing! The wide top and a flared ankle skirt are styled with pointed-toe flat pumps in black color. In love with these rounded sunglasses and a black leather shoulder clutch:

black flat pumps to funeral

Can I Wear Flats To A Funeral

A black ribbed knit turtleneck is tucked in a suede midi skirt with a slit completed with backless loafers in black suede. Love these flat brow sunglasses:

black top black skirt and black flats to funeral

Can I Wear Red Pumps To A Funeral

A sleeveless pencil midi dress in black color looks amazing with peep-toe heeled pumps in red color. Complete this combo with oversized sunglasses:

black dress and red shoes

Can I Wear Grey Shoes To A Funeral

Grey slip-on shoes with white soles can be used for funerals, try them on with tailored grey pants, plaid print shirt layered over a grey turtleneck. Complete this look with a grey coat. Check out my post on ways how to wear slip-on shoes for women, there are lots of cool ideas you can easily try on:

grey coat plaid shirt grey pants and grey slip on shoes

Can I Wear Heeled Sandals To A Funeral

A belted short-sleeve black jumpsuit with flared ankle pants is updated with black ankle-cuff heeled sandals. Complete this combo with oversized sunglasses and a chan strap red clutch bag:

black jumpsuit and heeled sandals

Can I Wear Heels To A Funeral

Have a look at this marvelous funeral outfit idea. We see a creative headwear, peplum blazer, and a pencil cut midi skirt. Complete it with oversized sunglasses, a black leather clutch, opaque tights, and stiletto heel black pumps:

black coat black dress and heels

Can I Wear Heels With Buckle Straps To A Funeral

Short sleeve lace midi dress in black color looks ladylike. Style it with oversized sunglasses and heeled black pumps with buckles, complete it with a black leather handbag:

black lace dress and heels with buckle straps

Can I Wear High Heel Sandals To A Funeral

Here we see a marvelous slim-fit pantsuit for funerals. A slim-fit blazer is styled with skinny pants and stiletto heel sandals. Complete this combo with gold chain layered necklaces:

black suit and high heel sandals to funeral

Can I Wear High Heels To A Funeral

High heel pumps in black color look awesome with this short-sleeve fit-and-flare midi dress. A perfect look for funerals:

black fit and flare dress to funeral

Can I Wear Knee High Boots To A Funeral

Knee-high boots in black suede are paired with a black knife-pleated midi skirt and black pullover:

black outfit with knee high boots to funeral

Can I Wear Lace-Up Sandal Boots To A Funeral

A pair of lace-up sandal boots in black color looks awesome styled with a black coat, black top, and black tailored ankle pants:

black coat black pants and lace up sandal boots

Can I Wear Leopard Print Shoes To A Funeral

Yes, leopard print heels can be worn at the funeral. Style them with a black turtleneck tucked in black leather pencil skirt. If you are into this footwear, check out my post on ways how to wear animal print shoes for women, there are lots of amazing outfit ideas to try:

black turtleneck black leather pencil skirt and leopard shoes

Can I Wear Open Toed Shoes To A Funeral

Peep-toe heeled booties in black suede look awesome with a wrap jumpsuit in black color, complete this combo with a dark grey blazer and a skinny black leather belt:

emerald blazer and jumpsuit with open toe shoes

Can I Wear Patent Leather Shoes To A Funeral

Another all in black look! Go for a pencil midi dress, fur shawl, and patent black leather heeled pumps. Complete this outfit with oversized sunglasses:

black dress and patent leather shoes

Can I Wear Sandals To A Summer Funeral

Go all in black! Here we see a black drop-shoulder midi dress completed with ankle-cuff heeled sandals in black. Complete this combo by adding black sunglasses and a shoulder black leather clutch bag:

black dress and sandals

Can I Wear Sneakers To A Funeral

If the upcoming funeral is going to be relaxed, go for black sneakers with white soles styled with a midi silk cami dress completed with a black jacket. If you want to know more about black sneakers for women, then check out my post, there are numerous of great ideas to try this year:

black jacket and long skirt with sneakers

Can I Wear Thigh High Boots To A Funeral

Go all in black with thigh-high boots. We see a black blazer tied with a black leather belt, black top, black leggings and thigh-high boots in black suede:

black suit and thigh high boots

Can I Wear Wedges To A Funeral

We see a black blazer styled with a plaid scarf, grey sweater and black coated skinny pants completed with black ankle boots:

black jacket black skinny pants and wedge ankle boots

Can I Wear White Shoes To A Funeral

Yes, the following white pointed-toe flats are great for the funeral. Style them with a black leather jacket, black-white striped tee teamed with black skinny jeans:

black leather jacket black pants and white shoes

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