What Sneakers To Buy This Year

If you want to look stylish, then you better know what sneakers are still in trend. Today I will show you my favorite sneaker styles you can still wear this year. It’s no secret, everybody loves wearing kicks, they are ultra-versatile and can be styled with pretty much anything. In this collection are gathered my favorite designs that are not going anywhere this year.

beige coat with red sweater white pants and white sneakers

We see a pair of white sneakers worn with white pants red high-neck sweater with 1/2 zip and a beige oversized trench coat.

White Sneakers

White sneakers are still on their high peak and they ain’t going anywhere. They ideally suit any outfit, from white to black, from bright to dark clothes.

A high-neck crop sweater in black embellished with shiny stones looks awesome with high-waisted wash blue boyfriend jeans and chunky sneakers in white:

narrinanatasha_white sneakers and boyfriend jeans

An off-shoulder grey sweatshirt looks cool with grey joggers and white kicks:

olavogaa_white sneakers and joggers

A total black look consisting of a black coat, black sweater, black skinny jeans, and white sneakers looks fresh:

cathi_nelson_white sneakers and black skinny jeans

Every woman owns at least one pair of sneakers. This footwear is so unique and makes every lady look individual. It’s okay to wear them at parties, social events. These shoes over the past decade have proven their versatility

Multicolored Sneakers

Multicolored sneakers are everywhere right now. This is a perfect way to add bright shades to your neutral outfit, as well as underline your individuality.

We see a basic white tee tucked in black tennis skirt completed with multicolored sneakers in white-blue shades:

gracedinblue_multicolored sneakers

A white pullover is styled with cuffed dark blue skinny jeans and wedge multicolored sneakers:

multicolored sneakers and cuffed jeans

A grey pullover looks sporty and easy to wear. Style it with a floral print green mini skirt and chunky multicolored sneakers:

multicolored sneakers and floral skirt

A pair of multicolored sneakers are styled with cuffed light blue skinny jeans and a tweed long jacket. Love the white sunglasses:

multicolored sneakers and blue jeans

Multicolored sneakers ideally match the cuffed skinny jeans, light brown hoodie, and that black leather cargo jacket:

black leather jacket with mustard-brown hoodie with blue skinny jeans and multicolored sneakers

No matter what is your style, an elegant lady, a street tomboy chic or a trendsetter, sneakers will easily complement any of these wardrobes. You are free to combine these sporty shoes with chiffon dresses, leather leggings, skirts, etc. Once again, proving the multifunctionality of sneakers.

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers become popular, and I guess we can say that this style of footwear has finally become a timeless fashion choice. Plus, this type of kicks will add some extra inches to your height.

White platform sneakers look awesome with dark green joggers and that oversized sweater:

blonde_mery_platform sneakers

A teddy bear jacket in oversized fit ideally matches that khaki green cropped jacket and khaki green wide-leg jeans. Update this urban style with platform chunky sneakers:

mayfiscella_platform sneakers

White platform sneakers look amazing with a floral print green dress and white duffle jacket:

platform sneakers

A young lady is wearing a white beanie with a fur pom-pom, beige down jacket and a white sweater teamed with grey skinny jeans and dark maroon platform kicks:

platform sneakers and down jacket

A green sweater in a relaxed fit ideally suits wash blue slim jeans and white platform sneakers:

platform sneakers and green sweater

Vintage Sneakers

Vintage sneakers look like worn-out kicks, but that’s what makes them look so special. They look cool with dressy suits, long coats, and joggers.

We see a layered outfit idea consisting of an oversized beige coat styled with a dark blue blazer and safari beige shirt tucked in beige oversized pants completed with vintage sneakers:

layered outfit with sneakers

A pair of vintage sneakers in grey-white color is teamed with cream-white bicycle shorts and matching color shirt:

questforthreads_vintage sneakers

An oversized wash blue denim jacket looks hipster inspired teamed with black cuffed pants and vintage sneakers:

vintage sneakers and denim jacket

A classic white polo shirt is paired with green floral maxi skirt completed with red sneakers:

vintage sneakers and long skirt

An oversized chevron print wool coat ideally suits that black sweatshirt, black sweatpants and vintage grey sneakers:

vintage sneakers long coat with black joggers

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